DHL Express 3. 60 Million Euro to Invest in Airport

DHL Express, 3. 60 Million Euro to Invest in Airport: DHL Express, 3 in Istanbul. 60 million euros to the airport is planning to invest.
4 sharing with the public its 2015 target of a press conference in companies organized in March 2015 DHL Express Turkey CEO Markus reckling, dpdhl that saw Turkey as one of the priority 11 investment market and reminded that it will invest at least worth 100 million euros into the country within the next five years . According to reckling be the priority investment regions of Turkey, part of the growth strategy in emerging markets to provide the dpdhl.
DHL Express Turkey's HDI ranking Airport said a memorandum of understanding signed with reckling, said that this agreement is a testament to the DHL Express is committed to conducting investment plans in Turkey. Reckling, but also that of Turkey DHL's investment in Asia, serving as a logistic base in the positioning request to serve the Middle East and Europe.
With the signed memorandum of understanding, IGA and DHL will implement a Regional Operations Center, which is planned to be built in an area around 20.000m² for DHL, with support units and expansion opportunities.
Reckling "Turkey's advantageous geographical position also taking into consideration the DHL Express, Asia, the Middle East and Europe, linking a regional logistics center is planning to invest at least 60 million euros. The new airport, which is currently under construction in the north of Istanbul, is a great opportunity, as many European airports will not have a night flight ban. In this sense, we are very happy that a memorandum of understanding was signed between DHL Express and IGA for the realization of this project. Bu Reckling, that the Group of 2015 years 2014 years in Turkey, especially to increase three-fold return on investment receivables believe to be a year, he added. Reckling added that DHL Express has opened a new service center in Ankara in November, which will increase service capacity by 10 times in order to meet increasing shipment demands in Anatolia. Talking about the company's 2014 performance, Reckling said the revenue of DHL Express was a growth rate of 11, compared to last year. DHL Express xnumx'lük percent market share in Turkey with an expression that reckling clear leader "in terms of revenue, DHL Express xnumx't ranks first in the DHL global network, taking first place xnumx't In terms of profitability," he said.
Focus on Anatolian SMEs
Reckling said that this year will be a year that they will focus more on Anatolia and 2015 reminded that they invested a cargo plane at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul with an investment of 10 million euros. Reckling reminded that this investment is the only shipping company that provides DHL Express on both sides of Istanbul and that the new cargo plane will be of great benefit to SMEs operating in industrialized cities such as Kocaeli and Bursa.
Saying that the shipment volume of DHL Express grew by 2014 in 5 and 10 in Anatolia in 2015, Reckling said that SMEs in Anatolian cities constitute an important part of DHL Express's business volume. Reckling added that in XNUMX, DHL Express will invest in increasing the capacity of service centers in these cities in order to achieve growth in Anatolia.
Investments made in this direction will strengthen the connection of exporters in Anatolia to the rest of the world and also facilitate export shipment. Reckling ayı Thanks to our activities at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport and the dedicated work of our sales team, we plan to increase the 2015 to 10 in 500 from abroad. SMEs, and especially of businesses operating in Anatolia, we believe that Turkey will play an important role in reaching the 2023 XNUMX billion dollars export target until the end and we support that goal, "he said.
Education and Investment in HR
One of the priority investment areas of DHL Express in 2015 will be in the field of training and labor. Currently 1000 working with companies in Turkey, this year plans an increase of at least xnumx'lik percent employment rate. DHL Express will continue to support social goals as well as investments in the training of its own employees. Last year, DHL Express Turkey SEED 5 pounds for Autism Foundation had created an educational resource.
Green Logistics Solutions at 2015
As part of DHL Express's efforts to increase its carbon efficiency, Reckling said that in 2014, 6 renewed its lighting in different service centers with LED systems. In order to achieve this success, Reckling said that DHL Express couriers have an 2.5 hour of training on efficient fuel consumption.
DHL Express, which plans to invest in green logistics services investments in 2015, will turn towards electric vehicles this year. DHL Express 10 percent of the new fleet in Turkey until the end of this year, aims to create the electric vehicle.
DHL Express also said that 2014 will focus on the Neutral Climate-Carbon Neutral Transport service, which was launched in January and has its first customer YünSa, to reset its customers' carbon consumption. DHL Express aims to add at least 15 new customers to the Carbon Neutral program this year.

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