Dentur aims to recover the passenger of Marmaray with VIP engines

Dentur aims to take back Marmaray passengers with VIP engines: Dentur, who lost 25 percent of passengers with the engagement of Metrobus and Marmaray, will add 1.5 ultra-luxury boats, each worth 14 million dollars, to the fleet. Dentur Deputy General Manager Ünsal Savaş said, “We will not only transport our passengers. We will meditate, ”he said.

Dentur Avrasya, providing sea passenger transportation services in Istanbul, is preparing to add 14 'double ended' boats to its fleet. Dentur, who lost its passengers to Metrobus and Marmaray, will add 1.5 ultra-luxury boats each worth 14 million dollars to the fleet. The company expects an 18 percent passenger increase with this investment.

25 percent lost passengers

Dentur Avrasya has 38 boats with a capacity of 40 thousand passengers in its current fleet. Company, Üsküdar-Beşiktaş and Üsküdar-Kabataş service lines. Dentur Deputy General Manager Ünsal Savaş stated that they suffered a loss of approximately 25% of passengers with the opening of Metrobus, new metro lines and then Marmaray, and said: We think that there should be a change in public transportation systems such as Marmaray, rail systems and 3-storey tube passage and we support it. However, we are also working to reduce the negative impact of these new public transportation approaches on maritime transportation. New transportation projects reduced the share of the sea and put us in trouble. This pushed us to new projects. We chose the investment month because we could not get out of the business by reducing our costs. We will add 14 new generation passenger boats to our fleet, ”he said.

The boats described as 'double ended' are quite luxurious and modern. 1.5 new boats, each costing approximately $ 14 million, were designed entirely according to customer demands. Savaş emphasized that the boats designed as a result of the research and surveys of a university and a consultancy company have a very special design. One of the most important features of the boats is that the passengers can fully see the sea and the Bosphorus. “Passengers want to see the sea while traveling. We made the design in line with this demand. We preferred the place to be spacious and the environment to be visible. We will not only transport our passengers. We will meditate, ”he said.

54 on fuel savings

The 37-meter-long boats have a capacity of 350 passengers. The boats have a special passenger landing platform. Boats, which have a propeller system that can rotate 360 ​​degrees, have a very high maneuverability. Savaş said that the boat saved 40 percent time thanks to its speed characteristics. The boats are also specially designed for our disabled citizens. The boats, which have 362 horsepower, weigh 140 tons. Old boats weigh up to 500 tons. Pointing out that the boats are extremely environmentally friendly, Savaş said, “All our boats were built according to EU environmental criteria. Emission rates of our boats are also very low, ”he said. Savaş stated that the boats achieved 54 percent fuel savings compared to the old ones.

'Full integration at sea'

Emphasizing the need for a full integration in maritime transport, Ünsal Savaş said: “As long as this passenger drop continues, it is not fate that neither the public nor the private sector will suffer. A full integration can be achieved at sea, as is done on land. In other words, when you look at private public buses, municipal buses and minibuses, not everyone is staying at one stop. Therefore, there is a common use. Now, if you put the world's highest quality boat, the fastest boat, the least burning boat, the fact that a few companies are moving side by side and transporting passengers to the same direction decreases efficiency. In the upcoming period, our demand is to make a reconstruction at sea by taking these into consideration and to ensure full integration at sea. "

Boats to be built in Turkish shipyards

Stating that the boats will be built in Turkish shipyards, Savaş said, “Our goal is to launch the first 6 boats within 8 months. Pool tests of these boats will be held in Poland on March 16. We will start negotiations with Turkish shipyards. We will make use of the shipyards regarding labor. We will make all purchases ourselves. This will reduce costs by 40 percent. We applied for various support funds for the construction of the boats. However, we do not plan accordingly. But if we get a support or an incentive, it will be a bonus ”. Savaş also said that the boats pay for themselves in 7 years.

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