The Decision Was Made The Historic Sirkeci Station Becomes Museum

Historic decision was given Sirkeci Station Museum Happening: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB) and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), between "Sirkeci Train Station Inside found buildings with Sirkeci-Yedikule Between Evaluation Former Commuter Rail" Kadir Chairman of IMM for the preparation of common services protocol prepared Topbas Authorized. The decision was accepted in the IMM Assembly in response to the rejection vote of CHP members. Following the protocol between TCDD and IMM, the historical station will be used as a museum.


Halkalı The buildings connected to Sirkeci Train Station, which were closed after the termination of the flights due to Marmaray and which became operational after Marmaray was opened, will be designed as Istanbul City Museum and Istanbul Railway Museum. According to the protocol, the project work, plan modification, repair, renovation and restoration of the buildings will be carried out by IMM in order to use the buildings in Sirkeci Station as a museum. The part to be used as the Istanbul Railway Museum will be delivered to TCDD. The projects prepared will be submitted to the approval of TCDD, the issues not approved by TCDD will be revised in the projects.


Following the protocol to be signed between TCDD and IMM, the area where the railway line between Sirkeci-Yedikule is located in the historical peninsula will be designed as a nature and art park. A rail public transport line will be built by IMM in the nature and art park to be created with a length of 8,5 kilometers. The annual fee IMM will pay to TCDD to transform the railway line between Sirkeci-Yedikule into a nature and art park is 10 thousand TL. According to the protocol, IMM will make arrangements to allow the use of the line between Kazlıçeşme-Sirkeci Stations by TCDD in emergencies and the main line trains to come to Sirkeci Station.


Speaking about the protocol voted in the IMM Assembly, CHP Council member Hüseyin Sağ said that they would oppose the transfer of Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations to IMM and bring the issue to the judiciary. Sağ said, “While the historical station should have been used by TCDD, it was turned over and transferred to IMM. You will give it from IMM to Kültür A.Ş and from there to your own supporters. No matter how many reproaches we make, no matter how much judgment we carry, the result will not change ”.

Despite the dissenting votes of CHP members, the decision was adopted by majority vote.

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