Davutoğlunun Projects Moved to the Assembly Agenda

Davutoglu Announces the project was moved to the Assembly Agenda: CHP Istanbul deputy and Deputy Chairman Sezgin Tanrikulu, with the request to be answered in writing by the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu gave the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly parliamentary questions.

Stating that the three-storey large Istanbul tunnel project, which is a 6,5-kilometer tunnel that passes under the Bosphorus through a three-story, two-road subway, has been announced to the public, “After the population of Istanbul has increased to 18 million and the daily movement has increased to 35 million, the public transport has increased from 11 million to 20 million. It was stated that it was prepared within the framework of the target of landing. In the press conference held on April 27, 2011 at the Haliç Congress Center, the previous Prime Minister said, "We will distribute this to 2011 million students" showing that no progress has been made since the introduction of Kanal Istanbul as a crazy project, showing the tablet computer that he took in the squares in the 18 elections. Considering that only 4 thousand tablets were distributed in 730 years within the scope of the project called Fatih, it is important to inform the public about the mega projects that AKP introduced to the public. " said.

In this context, Tanrikulu asked the following questions:

“What are the projects AKP promised the public in the 2011 General Elections?

Isn't Canal Istanbul among the projects that the AKP has promised to the public in the 2011 year's parliamentary general elections?

27 April 2011 At the Golden Horn Congress Center in the press conference to announce the fact that a nail for the Channel Istanbul Project is not right until today?

If the claim is correct, why not start the project?

Canal Istanbul in Turkey cost of the project is how much?

Canal Istanbul Project will provide much revenue to Turkey?

Channel Istanbul project, the third bridge and airport, the total cost to Turkey of Istanbul large three-storey tunnel project will be how much? How much annual budget will be allocated to the projects?

Channel Istanbul project, the third bridge and the airport, three-storey large Istanbul tunnel project will bring a monthly load on the budget of the citizen?

The channel Istanbul project, the third bridge and the airport will be provided from the source for the three-storey large Istanbul tunnel project?

Will the three-storey Istanbul tunnel project solve the traffic problem of Istanbul in full?

When will the three-storey Istanbul tunnel project be completed?

Is it true that the 4 thousand tablets are distributed to students in 730 year in Fatih Project?

If only the 18 is distributed to a million students, why are only 730 tablets distributed to the students?

What is the number of students in rural areas benefiting from tablet computers planned to be distributed in Fatih Project? What is the distribution by provinces?

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