Children with Down's Syndrome

The Journey of Children with Down Syndrome with YHT: Eyüp Municipality 21 children with down syndrome due to “40 March Down Syndrome Awareness Day” were sent to Konya with their families.

In the program organized by Eyüp Municipality under the name of "Vuslat Journey from Eyüp Sultan to Mevlana, YHT and Konya", soup was served to children with down syndrome and their families. 40 children with Down syndrome and their family, who were sent off by Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın, were taken to the high speed train station in Pendik by bus. The children went to High Speed ​​Train (YHT) with their families and moved to Konya.

Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın stated that as Eyüp Municipality, Konya Vuslat journeys are on the 7th day of today, “We take 40 Eyüp citizens every day to Pendik first and then to Konya by High Speed ​​Trains. They are returning to Istanbul the same day. ” Mayor Aydın said, “We have very nice journeys and we get very good reactions. Our friends on “March 21 Down Syndrome Awareness Day” organized a trip with our children with down syndrome and their families. Children with Down Syndrome project is a very special project called “Şeker Hayat”, which has been realized by Eyüp Municipality for about 6 years. In this project, we get very important results from the children for rehabilitation ”.

Expressing that they have made very good practices, Mayor Aydın said, “Our children also include socio-cultural activities in practice and rehabilitation. Here's today's program is one of them. We also knew their desire to go to Konya. I met with them a little while ago, they are very happy, they are very excited, they are excited, they also have the right to participate in this trip. Together with their families, we hope that a total of 40 people passengers to Konya today. ”

Stating that children will visit the mosques of Şems-i Tebrizi and Mevlana in Konya and the historical mosques dating from the Seljuk period, where the old monuments are located, Aydın told the children that it would be a nice trip to be served from the famous meat of Konya.

This Vuslat Journey will continue every day reminding Aydın, every day like 06.00 Eyüp Municipality in front of the Eyüplü 40 people with buses to Pendik, then from there by High Speed ​​Train said that Konya.

Reminding that these flights continue every day, Aydın said, “Currently, approximately 10 thousand citizens have applied. We are trying to decrease this number gradually. ”

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