Crystal secret of Sarikamis

The secret of Sarikamis: Sarikamis is one of the important fortunes of our country as a land of martyrs and ski resort. The first time I discovered the ski resort, the problems, problems, advantages.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan 24 referring to the headmen on February, referring to the opposition, "Sarikamis, skiing comes to his mind," he said. Erdoğan attracted attention to the fact that Sarıkamış was a land of martyrs and he applauded the visit of tens of thousands of young people to the martyrs every year.

While listening to Erdogan, I did not think about why we do not keep Sarikamis on the agenda with its two characteristics. I even said to myself: gel I wish that at least the Erdogan-referring opponents of the mind, 'Sarikamis' when you say 'ski', it would not be bad. Kend

Now I will tell you about the beauty and natural problems of the Sarıkamış ski center, which I discovered for the first time.

Let's start the transportation and ask President Erdoğan to take a hand in this issue.

Sarıkamış is one of the world's most advantageous ski resorts in terms of proximity to the airport; You are in the hotel after half an hour. Despite this advantage, the problem is experienced in domestic flights. If you are flying from Ankara, you will risk losing a full day if you are going to Istanbul. It should be known that the flight times will also be successful in attracting tourists.
Now let's say iyel Let's ski Şimdi.

Crystal Glaze

Skiing, saying there Assoc. I caught Mehmet Şirin Güler. I We are the third high altitude ski resort in the world after the Alps and Canada Kanada. And he told me about my scam. Ç Scots pine is the only species that grows between 2.100-2.700 meters. Sarikamis is the only runway in the world. One feature is that it grows in dry air. This means that the moisture content is zero. The particles falling from the crystal on the ground do not stick together like in other ski areas. It stays dry because there's no moisture. This prevents clumping on the tracks.

No disability

Sarikamis is our ski center with the lowest rate of disability. The avalanche danger is zero. In other words, 'no frost here'. As he slips, a flake of dried black sun shines like a piece of glass.

The beauty of Sarıkamış is not limited to these. Because the snowflakes do not stick to each other, it is necessary to watch the snow clusters falling through the pine branches in the smallest breeze and how they create a cloud image despite that short distance. Yetmezzz! I say, when you are traveling with lifts, you should also look at the color transitions in the pines, the general view of the exits and descents.

More difficult tracks on the road

Now let's look at the general situation, future and other problems of the region, with AKP's Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy. sohbet i did Toksoy is a 20-year-old mayor, new to the mayor. Stating that there are three more suitable hills next to the current ski hills, Toksoy said that 'land tracks with higher difficulty', which I see as a deficiency, are located on these hills and that two of them will be put into service next year.

It will provide direct access to the ski center from the center of Sarıkamış, and the gondola expeditions will start at the time.

Sled coming up the runway

Artificial snow will be on the agenda from the next year, the machines used for trial purposes will extend the ski season for at least a month. The first center with the sledding track on ice will probably be Sarıkamış next year.

Two football fields, five tennis courts and an indoor sports hall will be opened in June to increase the charm of the center during the summer.

Activities limited

Not to mention the shortcomings, of course. First of all, there is a Katherine Mansion in the mouth of everyone related to the center. Actually, this historical artifact, which was built as a hunting lodge for the Russian Tsar, was restored and used for tourism. kazanis wanted to be fired. Apart from skiing, it is a serious problem that the opportunities for social activities are limited. This must be fixed. People who ski think of having fun when skiing is over. Russian ski lovers and tourists, who fed this center until three years ago, are no longer visited today.

By the way, one should definitely mention Orta Café in the center. The cafe, which was built like a stone building two years ago, is very lively at noon. It is the only place to rest right now. You know, you can't go to Kars and not eat goose meat… You can do that at Orta Cafe. But make a reservation at least a day in advance; because goose meat needs to boil for at least 7 hours. I must confess for myself that I ate the best goose meat there.

Thanks to Saricamis, the grains falling on the ground in Sarikamis do not stick together like the other ski areas. It stays dry because there's no moisture. This prevents clumping on the tracks.

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