Japanese Makes Great Bridges

Bridges is doing great Japanese: Japanese has realized many major infrastructure projects in Turkey. The Second Bosphorus Bridge, Golden Horn Bridge and Marmaray were built by the Japanese. The Bay Bridge is also being built by the Japanese. Japanese companies were also interested in the 3rd Bridge tender. Japan's success in infrastructure projects in Turkey seems to be the important points. Japanese Ishikawajima Harima Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. and Nippon Kokan KK built the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on the planned date for $ 125 million. The construction of the bridge took 2.5 years.
Haliç Bridge, whose construction started in 1971, was completed in 34 months. Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Ind. Co. Ltd. Japanese and German organizations named Julius Berger-Bauboag AG. The length of the bridge is 995 m, its width is 32 m and its height from the sea surface is 22 m.
Izmit Bay Bridge is a suspension bridge planned to be built between Dilovası Dil Cape of Izmit Bay and Hersek Cape of Altınova. When the bridge is completed, it will be one of the longest bridges in the world. The middle span of the bridge to be built within the scope of the project will be approximately 1.700 meters and its total length will be close to 3 kilometers. The bridge is built by the Japanese firm IHI.
After the opening of Marmaray yesterday, CNN Turk 5N 1K program participating in the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure Investments General Manager Metin Tahan and Marmaray Project Director Tetsuro Matsukubo, the project 29 October to the great effort to catch up, saying, "I cut my finger with the blood I signed! We would have thrown ourselves off the bridge if the project had not been raised. Proje
"We had a meeting. I said this job will be over. Everyone started to say an excuse. I bought a paper and wrote. We all wrote our names. If Marmaray had not reached October 29, the whole team would have jumped from the bridge with their honor and their own desires. I bleed my hand with a pin and smeared the blood on the paper. The blood has dried up. All of them signed under. Matsukubo had the paper translated over and over, saying what is meant here. Now we joke that "we got rid of". If the project had not been completed, we would have thrown ourselves on the Bosphorus Bridge, we would have sacrificed ourselves. "



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