Traffic Disruption due to Landslide on Bursa - Ankara Highway

Traffic Failure Due to Landslide on Bursa - Ankara Highway: Bursa-Ankara Highway was closed to traffic due to landslide occurred in İnegöl district of Bursa.
Inegol, Ankara, which is on the road to the truck falling from the road and rock fragments were saved. Due to the landslide there was a long car queue on the road.
Bursa-Ankara Highway Inegol Mezitler region, Ankara, Bursa on the right side of the road in the direction of arrival due to landslide wall migrated to the road. The ruptured parts of the retaining wall and tons of rock fragments weighing tons were closing the highway, while the 16 Y 8725 plate truck under the direction of Tuncay Bedir escaped from the rock fragments.
The road from Ankara to Bursa was completely closed to traffic due to the landslide, a vehicle tail was formed for kilometers. Regional Traffic teams take security measures in the landslide area, with the intervention of highways teams of road and rock fragments aside from the single lane road as a single lane was opened to traffic.



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