Ban on padlocks on the bridge

Padlocks ban on bridge bars in Bremen: Hanging padlocks on bridge bars has been banned in Bremen, Germany.
Young people in Germany put padlocks on the railings of the bridge and throw coins into the water so that their love will last a lifetime. Authorities took action as this practice became widespread among young people in recent years. First, the Municipality of Hanover banned this practice on the grounds that it damaged historical bridges, and now the municipality of Bremen has banned the application. The city of Bremen banned the fitting of padlocks on the iron bars or railings on the grounds that it damaged the bridges. Signs showing the padlock ban were erected at the entrance to many bridges. Bridges, which were previously completely filled with padlocks, have been cleared of locks. Although young people reacted to this incident, most of them obeyed. However, it was seen that the lock was still hung on the bridge, albeit sporadically.



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