Istanbul subway train exit tragedy

In Istanbul, the subway rushed from the tragedy: The subway, allegedly derailed from the track, was liberated at the last moment. Passengers were evacuated. Metro stops were stopped.

In the morning at the Istanbul Metro, the subway from Yenikapı to Hacıosman in 09: 00 was canceled due to a technical fault. After the evacuation of hundreds of passengers, flights were stopped.

This morning in Istanbul, Yenikapı metro station to go to Hacıosman'ya passengers who ride in the metro with a short time after the panic experienced. It was said that the metro expedition was canceled without any explanation by the authorities and it was decided to evacuate the passengers. Hundreds of passengers found alternative means of transportation in astonishment.

In the comments made on social media, it was claimed that there was a great jolt and derailed the subway. Metropolitan Municipality of White Table officials said in a statement on the subject of a technical failure in the subway and Taksim - Yenikapı can not be done flights said. Taksim-Hacıosman expeditions of the metro continue in the normal course.

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