Bosphorus Bridge Full Two Months

Bosphorus Bridge Will Go Crazy for Two Full Months: The Bosphorus Bridge will drive traffic crazy Due to the renovation work to be carried out on the Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul will again struggle with traffic. The work that will continue during the works that will last for 2 months will bring the traffic to a halt.
General Directorate of Highways is preparing to renew the asphalt of Bosphorus Bridge in summer. Cahit Turhan, General Manager of Highways, who informed Habertürk about the maintenance works for the Bosphorus bridges, stated that asphalt works will be carried out in the Bosphorus Bridge, which is currently undergoing rope renovation works and said, “We aim to complete the 2 monthly asphalt change. When the schools are on holiday, we start working. If possible, we can end before the Eid al-Fitr. ”
Fatih Sultan Mehmet (FSM) Bridge, the main deck painting and Bosphorus Bridge have completed the repair of the cracks recorded Turhan, so far 471 crack repair and 175 thousand square meters of painting, he said. Turhan, the work continues to 106 crack, he said. Stating that the necessary productions are made for the replacement of the suspension ropes, Turhan said, ık We conducted the tensile strength test of the suspension rope in Italy. Installation of 240 suspension rope will begin. We expect the installation time as 1 months. ” Turhan said that the dehumidification system will be installed on the main rope on both bridges in parallel with the change of suspension ropes.



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