Bebka Announces Economic Impact Analysis of Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Project

Bebka Announces Economic Impact Analysis Results of Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir Highway Project: Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) completed the economic impact analysis of the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmir highway, one of the biggest transportation investments of our country.
In a statement from the relevant bebka results of analysis, "the added value produced in Turkey economics half of this motorway will form an important link corridor in this region that obtained the more distance on the route where and transportation time significantly shortens, productivity growth in the region and is expected to contribute to economic development" the statement said.
In the analysis, Istanbul-Bursa stage in the 2016, Izmir-Bursa stage in the 2019 to be completed and put into service by the motorway planned to be completed, along with the current 2,5-3 hour between Istanbul-Bursa transportation time 1 hours, 8-10 hours lasting Istanbul- The timing of the transportation between Izmir and 3,5-4 clock was reminded of the forecast.
The work carried out under the leadership of BEBKA, 2017 year is expected to be completed the construction of the motorway and 2030 year as determined within the scope of this study was stated to cover the year. He stated that the effects of the highway construction in the national economy and the opening of the motorway, as well as the economic impacts in the automotive, textile and tourism sectors, which are the key sectors for the region and the region, are examined.
In the researches and analyzes made within the scope of the report, it was stated that between the 2017-2030 and 4-2 years, the highway will contribute an average of 11 billion TL to the regional economy and 400 billion TL will contribute to the production of the motorway.
BEBKA's analysis continues:
Tedir When analyzed in terms of the sector, it is estimated that the automotive sector, which has a significant employment and value added throughout the region, will grow an additional annual growth rate of 2017 in the region between 2030-6 years. This growth means the production of up to 30 motor vehicles per year. A similar situation applies to textile, which is another sector examined. With the opening of the motorway, it is expected that the annual average 2030 million TL in the textile sector in the 600 year and an increase in employment in the sector around one thousand 240 people is expected. In addition, parallel to the growth in the textile sector, the employment chain in the supply chain of the sector is estimated to be around 2 people. The tourism sector, which is another critical sector for our region, will be supported by the annual average 140 thousand additional domestic and foreign visitors along with the contribution of the motorway, the additional employment increase of one thousand 590 people in the sector, in parallel with the growth in the tourism sector, 960 thousand 2 people may be additional employment It is envisaged. "



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