Audi Trying New Robots

Audi Trying New Robots: Audi's new robots, instead of driving the car that takes the type of mobility!
Audi, one of the long-established brands in the German automotive industry, has recently come to the forefront with its work on electric and autonomous vehicles. However, this time the company tried to drive the car behind the wheel and not the kind of car driving. Even these robots were not developed by Audi, but they still have a German company behind them.
Ray, developed by Serva Transport Systems in Bavaria, Germany, does not look like a robot at first glance. But the shape has to be designed very well designed to work. The six-meter robot can adjust itself to fit cars of different sizes. Ray cuts her off the ground under the car and Ray is swift enough to turn a full turn where she is.
The following video shows how Ray works with simple animations. Audi took two of these robots and started testing, but they're almost certain to order more. Ray's work at the Audi factory will be embracing production vehicles and transporting them to the warehouses where they are needed. In this way, Audi is planning to prevent workers from having to drive the finished vehicles to the warehouses and then to run a long distance. In this way, time will be saved, moreover, stock control can be done more precisely.

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