The underpass at İZBAN station does not look like the images in Survivor

The underpass at the İZBAN station does not look like the images in Survivor: The underpass at the Ulukent İZBAN stop is full of water, so it cannot be used. Citizens who said that they could not make their voices heard to the Metropolitan Municipality, found the solution to put rock pieces in the water.
At the Ulukent İZBAN stop, the underpass made for the citizens to cross over to the lake. Even under the most dry weather, the sewage mix is ​​filled with water, and the underpass does not pass to the citizens.
When the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality could not solve the problem that had been experienced for months, the citizen started to produce remedies in his own way with primitive methods. The efforts of citizens trying to pass by putting large pieces of rock into the water of 20 centimeters deep did not find the images in the famous competition program Survivor. Some citizens lost their balance while trying to cross over the stones playing in the water. Citizens, wetted with sewage water, tried to announce their reactions to the authorities through the New Century.
The amount of water in the lower passage, in rainy weather by increasing the citizens more difficult situation.
Citizens who stated that the primitiveness they experienced did not suit 21st century İzmir, expressed that they had the same problem every time they used the underpass.

No alternative
Stating that the summer and winter underpass is filled with water, and in rainy weather, the amount of water increases, citizens said, “We have no alternative to cross. We must overcome these waters and go to our homes. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality should find a solution to this problem immediately. We don't have to constantly suffer this. A grill can be opened for the evacuation of the waters that pass into the underpass. Is it that hard to do? In addition, sewage mixes into this water. Every time we pass, dirty water splashes on us. ”
Citizens who stated that especially elderly and disabled people have no way to pass, said, “What kind of service understanding we could not solve. We invite Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu to cross over here. ”

Responsibility in the Metropolitan
According to the protocol of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with TCDD, station constructions and highway overpasses are made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. TCDD undertakes the construction of line laying, signalization, catheter system and protection walls.

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