Rubber crossings made of rubber coating

Rubber gratings are made to level crossings: Rubber coating works are carried out in the level crossings in Osmaniye province. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) will be replaced by the Regional Directorate of Adana xnumx'nc 6 with parquet grade crossings in the city center with the rubber coating work was tendered were reported. Osmaniye Toprakkale road Asri Cemetery near the level of work started in the level of the contractor firm Karatekin Construction Karatekin Adem Karatekin, said that the work in each region for a maximum of four days.

Karatekin stated that transportation was closed during this time and said Paz We have completed our works on the way of Kadirli and Salı Pazarı. 14 hardwood level crossing in the center will be replaced by rubber, ie plastic coating. After that, the vehicles will be able to proceed very easily by crossing the level crossings as they pass through the level crossings. We carry out our work with our 13 workers. After the completion of the center, we will start to work on the level crossings in Toprakkale, Mamure, Yarbasi, Taşoluk and Garden areas Merkez. Adem Karatekin added that all level crossings in the province will be completed within 3 months.


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