Anadolu Boulevard will open on March 8

Anadolu Boulevard will be opened on 8 March: Due to the maintenance and repair works on Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Bridge, which was closed to traffic, Anadolu Boulevard started to be busy in the morning hours.
Maintenance work started on Anadolu Boulevard Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Bridge. The ring road going direction of the bridge was closed to traffic until 8:10.00 on Sunday, March XNUMX due to the works. According to the information received from the Metropolitan Municipality, transportation will be provided in a controlled manner from the bridge side roads during the study.
Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Bridge, located on Anadolu Boulevard, was only closed to traffic due to maintenance and repair works. As the works on the bridge started, the authorities stated that the deformations that occur in the bridge variants and the reinforced concrete structure will be repaired by the contractor firm in order to prevent traffic accidents. There was intensity in the morning hours due to the bridge being closed to traffic. Transportation in the closed to traffic direction is provided in a controlled manner from the bridge side roads.



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