Passenger Train Slammed Into Truck In Adana Level Crossing 3 Injured (Video)

Adana Level Crossing Passenger Train Hit Truck 3 Injured: Passenger train hit a truck at level crossing 3 injured In ADANA, passenger train hit a truck at the level crossing.

In ADANA, the passenger train crashed into the truck at the level crossing. It was claimed that the barrier did not descend in the accident where three people were injured. The accident occurred at around 19.00 at the level crossing in Küçükdikili District of Adana's central Seyhan District. The passenger train from Adana to Mersin was hit by the truck with license plate 43 GJ 01 under the management of 009-year-old Mehmet Anli, who was trying to cross the level crossing. The vehicle, which was blown by the impact of the accident, hit the van with 01 LA 586 plate, directed by Halil İbrahim Şaşmaz, who was waiting in the opposite direction. The driver of the scrapped vehicle, Mehmet Ali Anli, and Ramazan Demirkol, who was in the vehicle, and Rukiye Şaşmaz were injured in the truck. The wounded were treated in hospitals where they were taken to the scene by ambulances.


Injured by his wife injured in the accident Halil İbrahim Şaşmaz, claiming that the barriers did not come down at the time of the train, the train hit the vehicle and slammed vehicle hit my vehicle, he said. An investigation was launched against the accident.



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