Yilmaz, Kozludere Bridge talked about the tender 'We are watching with surprise'

Yilmaz, Kozludere Bridge talked about the tender 'We are watching with astonishment': CHP member Nebahattin Yilmaz, the Provincial Assembly of Pusula brought the agenda of the Devrek'ta Çolakpehlivanlar (Kozludere) bridge in the tender asked the allegations of irregularities. Yilmaz, officials working on the bridge, "We complete in a month and a half," he said the end of the tender for the end of the 350 day criticism of the criticism, said they were watching. Member Yilmaz, CHP, Governor Ali Kaban'dan informed about the tenders to be informed about, ilgili Bridge, 1 million 300 thousand TL was awarded with a price. A contractor with a bored pile system, come in contact with an officer we do not know, '600 I do this job, I finish this job' although this citizen was not invited to the tender, '' he said.
The first assembly of Zonguldak Provincial Assembly in March was chaired by Vacit Durdubas. Three agenda items were discussed in the parliament, which began with the reading of the summary summary of the previous merger. The items discussed on the agenda were referred to the Plan and Budget and Training Commissions.
Nebahattin Yılmaz, a member of the CHP with the agenda outside of the agenda, asked about the irregularities in the tender of Çolakpehlivan (Kozludere) Bridge, which was destroyed in the flood disaster of 5 June 2014 in the Devrek district of Pusula newspaper. Yilmaz called the Governor Ali Kaban, they were not informed about the tenders, Kaban asked to take this situation.
Yilmaz stated that the bridge presents a danger:
“A group of friends went to our Devrek Region to look at the roads and bridges of our villages. We also stopped by the Çolakpehlivanlar (Kozludere) Bridge. We have been following the developments with this bridge for a long time. Time passed by saying 'No Highways are doing a tender, no, they are doing this tender'. 350 days have been given to the completion of the bridge. According to the information we received from the authorities there, the bridge will be finished in a month and a half. I hope this bridge will be completed in a month and a half. According to the complaint from the public, the location of the bridge has been slightly shifted. There is a building near the bridge and it is dangerous. The lives of those who live there are in danger… What is the reason for the bridge's displacement, we want information. We learned that this bridge was awarded a tender for 1 million 300 thousand TL. In the news we received, this citizen was not invited to the tender, although a contractor who made a bored pile system came to an official who we do not know and said, 'I will cost 450 thousand lira here, I will get 150 thousand lira profit, I will finish this job for 600 thousand'. We knew this during the review. Is that true? "
Stating that they are not given any information about them, Yilmaz said, veril These tenders are made. No information is given to us about these tenders. We can't explain the information we don't get to the public. What does this happen in other tenders that we hear and don't hear? I hope that our governor handles this and informs us. There is an alternative road to the edge of the bridge. The first gear in the taxi was hard. I am not an engineer; There is a fire in Çolakpehlivan Village, the fire brigade can not get out. The house is burning until we go back again and come right from Çaydeğirmeni. Who's in charge here? Is this a shame to the citizen or not? Another patient is taking the ambulance, 'I can not go this way' he says. Go back again. There's no charge here? Is that our understanding of social security? The student is being downloaded from the transport system. Would the authorities here put their children in that student service? I know that our governor is sensitive about these issues, I will make the necessary investigation, I think it sends us information here, "he said.
AK Party Member İsmet Bostancı said that they have examined the road and the bridge themselves and said, inin There is no way to go on that road and we have maintained the road. The ambulance, the truck and the bus. I passed 7-8 times that way. Not as much as he says. Anlat
Parliament Speaker Vacit Durdubaş stated that the situation of the bridge will be evaluated from a technical point of view, belir We cannot comment because we do not know the technical situation of the road and the bridge. Technical personnel make expenses, inspects. Only the alternative road was the land of the citizen. I went down that road many times. Citizen land did not give place. When the citizen did not give place, the existing route was made for temporary use by making little improvement. But you have a wrong knowledge in transport education. Maybe the students get out of there. Carrier training from Çaydeğirmeni'dan 26 kilometers, the rate is paid. The tender was done in a way. We will get information from our Road Branch Manager tomorrow (today) about the other technical issue. Diğer

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