The toll of the three-storey tunnel will be below 3 (Video)

The toll of the three-storey tunnel will be less than the 3 dollar: Lütfi Elvan said that the toll of the three-storey tunnel to the Bosphorus would be below 3.

Speaking in A Haber live broadcast, Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan stated that the three-storey tunnel to be built in the Bosphorus will be constructed safely against all kinds of dangers, and the toll will be under $ 3. Minister Elvan also announced that TIB will move from the much-discussed building.

The total capacity of the metro will be 1,5 million daily. The daily capacity of the subway line, which extends from 31 km Söğütlüçeşme to İncirli, will be 1,5 million. We can see that our tunnel, which will be two-storey for rubber wheeled vehicles, has a capacity of 120 thousand vehicles per day. When we look at the current prices, $ 3 for the passage of the 3rd bridge and $ 4 for Eurasia are foreseen. As many of our citizens will move, our friends continue to work, but I think it will be under $ 3.

a highly sensitive system against earthquakes and Turkey have developed this technology. Therefore, this tunnel will be a highly sensitive tunnel against the earthquake. The security system in the tunnel was also studied in detail. Each 240 meter will have a fold-through area, where each 500 meter will be able to park a vehicle. All kinds of security measures our friends thought up to the finest detail.

As of the end of December, we plan to make 4G fully available to our citizens. Frankly, I don't think there will be an increase in prices. I think that pricing parallel to the price of 3G may be in question.

After the election, we will take a deep-rooted decision on the Telecommunications Communication Presidency and we will leave that building. Another building may use that building. Why should it fall? Another public institution can use that building, but we do not want the Telecommunications Communication Directorate to continue there.



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