The first railway to be built in the OSB concept of Sivas in Turkey

The first railway to be built in Turkey concept OSB Sivas Sivas ongoing installation work, the railway line will pass from the weight of each parcel and the factory will be in production for the railway sector 2. Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) is planned to start the land allocation this year.

Governor Alim Barut, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, Kankuzla village in the village of Kankuzla connected to the center of the 850 area 1996 2 2000. He said that he was determined as OSB and in XNUMX he was granted legal personality to OIZ.

General Directorate of Iron and Steel Works is located within the expropriation boundaries of the whole area identified as OSB site. Barut states that the lands transferred to the treasury have been transferred to 2. OSB said the procedure for the issuance of a legal entity is continuing.

Transfer to the National Real Estate General Directorate about the demands of the land transfer to transfer Barut, gave the following information:

"2. In order to start the activities in the OIZ and to be included in the investment program, our article was submitted to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. With the fulfillment of this demand, the expropriation of the places belonging to the individuals will be started. Subsequently, infrastructure, road, electricity, water network construction will be started. While these demands were expected to be fulfilled, a budget was set up from the stakeholders with the facilities of the board of directors. Construction plans are in progress. The zoning plans prepared in a way to pass the railway in front of all the parcels will be submitted to the approval of our ministry soon after. Tüm

Barut said that if the zoning plans were approved, the immovable properties of the treasury were transferred to the legal entity and the ministry was taken into the investment program, Barut said that the land allocation could be started this year. So far 22 company, 1 million 500 thousand square meters of land demanded to allocate, Şu he said.

Governor Barut, indicating that the new OIZ will contribute to the development of the city, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and the National Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz expressed support in this regard.

  • Ecek Every parcel will be covered by rail “

Barut, who stated that the new region which is legally organized industrial zone can actually be called ın Railway Organized Industrial Zone “,“ We ​​have taken into consideration the demands that will come about in the coming years, in particular about the railway operation and the infrastructure of the railways. Generally, we think that the companies related to wagon production will prefer here. The majority of those demanding land are related to the railway sector, but other companies can also make a claim. Arsa

Emphasizing the plan of the development of the railway line according to the Barut, said:

"1. In the Organized Industrial Zone 4-5 has a parcel of one thousand square meters, but here 20 will not have parcels less than a thousand square meters. Passing through the train, each parcel will be the first organized industry, perhaps suitable for rail transport. Every parcel is under construction. Each parcel will benefit from the railway. Her


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