Hot Asphalt from Kepez to Antalya's Fourth City Entrance

Warm Asphalt from Kepez to the Fourth City Entrance of Antalya: Kepez Municipality is working on the first phase of 410 meters of Hamza Taş Boulevard in the Varsak region, which it brought to Antalya as the fourth city entrance, with hot asphalt, middle refuge and pavement.
Kepez Municipality is doing hot asphalt, medium median and pavement work in the first phase of 410 meters of Hamza Taş Boulevard in Varsak region, which it has brought to Antalya as the fourth city entrance. Bulvar provides service between Varsak Süleyman Demirel Boulevard, which provides connection with the city center, and Kirişçiler road, which provides access to the Antalya-Burdur ring road.
The part of the boulevard named after the former AK Party Provincial President Hamza Taş, who died in 2008 with the decision of the parliament, was opened to service at the crossroads of the old Varsak City Hall and Çamlıca District road. The surface of the first section of the boulevard, 60 meters wide and 1700 meters long, was also made.
Kepez Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs carries out hot asphalt work at the first stage of the boulevard after its infrastructure has been strengthened. Connected to Süleyman Demirel Boulevard with junction arrangement, Hamza Taş Boulevard is pouring 410 thousand 10 tons of hot asphalt in 500 meters section of 2 thousand centimeters thick 700 thousand liras. On both sides of the boulevard, 120 thousand 4 square meters of parquet pavement is being built, amounting to 500 thousand liras. Embossed visually impaired floor tracking stones are also placed on the pavement for visually impaired citizens. The median median of the boulevard is also being built. It was stated that the Directorate of Science Affairs teams will make the hot asphalt of the second part of the Hamza Taş Boulevard to the crossroad of Çamlıca District in the coming months.
The 2-meter section of the boulevard between Çamlıca Mahallesi road junction and Kirişçiler District road junction is also opened, which will facilitate transportation with the city center of the villages in the north, which are the new neighborhoods of Kepez with the whole city.




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