They make money by telling the history of Malabadi Bridge in 4 languages

They tell the history of the Malabadi Bridge in 4 languages ​​and earn money: Children who tell the history of the Malabādī Bridge, which is located on the Diyarbakır-Batman provincial border, in 4 languages, earn school money. About 15 children, aged between 7 and 20 and residing in Silvan district, are visiting and guiding the history of the blind in Kurdish, Turkish, English and Russian to local and foreign tourists visiting the historical bridge.
The historic Malabadi Bridge was built in 1147 by the Artuklu Principality. It is a bridge that is seven meters wide and 150 meters long. Its height is the 19 meter from the water level to the keystone. It was built with colored stones and has reached the present with repairs.
Children who enjoy this work, the goal of this historic bridge in 10 language to tell the book that they took and memorized that they took the books. Children who visit the bridge for the historical bridge to the local and foreign tourists who sing the folk songs are the focus of attention of many visitors.
Children, Mehmet Diyar, about 3 years, coming to the historic bridge every weekend and said that the local and foreign tourists to guide, said that this way won the school allowance.
Stating that many of his friends are guided by the bridge, Diyar said, “We want to better guide the visitors who develop our foreign language. We contribute to tourism by guiding. Every question they ask about the historic bridge is finding the answer. We learned the foreign languages ​​we learned with our own opportunities. Currently we know very well in Kurdish, Turkish and English. Of course, this is not enough to explain our purpose in 10 language.
Abdülsamet Is Gregory, who runs a tea room right next to the bridge, guides the tourists in 4 language and gives information about the history of the bridge. Unsatisfied is the main source of rhythm in the local music of Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:58

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