Mahmutbeyde traffic problem will end this summer

The traffic problem in Mahmutbey will be completed this summer: work is under way to remove the Mahmutbey toll booths, which are seen as one of the reasons for traffic on the European side of Istanbul. General Director of Highways, Turhan, "SGS will be attached to all roads entering and leaving here," he said.
General Director of Highways Cahit Turhan, Mahmutbey and Çamlıca toll booths to be installed on the free transit system (SGS) HABERTURK said in a statement, the system will be attached to the summer holidays.
Turhan stated that they expect the summer period so that the studies do not affect the traffic any more. There is only one charge on the bridge. You need to get on the motorways at the entrance and exit. Therefore, all the entrances behind Mahmutbey and all the exits to be made from Mahmutbey should be able to do this system, bey he said.
General Director of Highways Turhan told the details of the free passage system to be attached to Mahmutbey toll booths, which Istanbulites are looking forward to. Turhan, the first of the free passage system implemented in Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, traffic is more comfortable and faster than the former provides the flow, he said.
Turhan, before the SGS system that the box office areas, while transferring, inden Pooling is rapidly melting. Stop the lifts are blocked the road capacity is increasing. Separation and weaving in the automatic and fast access system tolls affected the continuous current in the traffic and narrowed the capacity of the road. No matter how wide the road was, there was a problem and the road was not used at full capacity. Now these problems arose. Şimdi
Turhan said that they would set up a free-pass system for the motorways' entry and exit and said, da A single fee is charged on the bridge and its entrance and exit is not different. However, we need to set up the system for reading and exiting the motorways. Because according to the mileage is charged. I have to make this system from Edirne for the vehicle coming out of Mahmutbey. We will do the roads in Mahmutbey's exit. We will set up these one by one, Bunlar he said.
Turhan, i When the summer holiday is going to start the dismantling process. In Istanbul, we have to choose the time when traffic will be affected in the least. İstanbul
Turhan, Mahmutbey and Çamlıca tolls will explain what they will do as follows: eler First of all the overhead system and reading system will be made. Operating equipment will be installed. We'il set up the system in two months. Steel construction will be established. The foundations will be laid and mounted. Then technical and electronic equipment will come. Then the road will be as if the road went straight. Sonra

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