200 people hung up in the air

In Italy, the 200 flew in the air: the number of people who died due to adverse weather conditions, especially in the middle parts of Italy, has risen to three.

As a result of storms and heavy rains, landslides occurred in many areas, and the trees were overthrown. Buses in Milan near Buscate on the way to a person who was killed during the 76 was killed by falling from the opposite direction of the truck was expressed. It is reported that the number of people who lost their lives due to unfavorable weather conditions that lasted for a few days increased to three.

Earlier in the Tuscan region of Lucca, a car fell from the mountain on a car, a person was killed in the car. In Urbino, the person who was toppled by the tree had lost his life.
Today, a natural gas pipeline passing through the Abruzzo region in eastern Italy was overthrown due to landslides. Therefore, there were explosions in the pipeline. There were three houses close to the place where the explosions occurred, three people were slightly injured here. Firefighters reportedly intervened in the explosions, which could be seen from miles.

Again in the region of Abruzzo snow, therefore the A25 motorway is closed to traffic. At the ski resort Val Gardena, in the north of the country, the 200 person was stranded at the cable car due to the overthrow of a tree on the ropeway. The survivors were rescued by firefighters.
A cargo plane from Sarajevo to Ancona was also recorded as a result of strong wind. There were no injuries.