Samsun Speed ​​Train

📩 03/12/2018 16:49

If Necessary for Samsun High Speed ​​Train: TCDD Samsun Operations Manager Hasan Kokuroğlu said “Samsun should cry if necessary” for the high speed train project between Samsun and Ankara.

TCDD Samsun Operation Manager Hasan Kokuroğlu gave information about the high-speed train project between Samsun and Ankara and the operation of the Samsun Train Station.
Hasan Kokuroğlu stated that work was done for the high-speed train. It is the political dynamics and NGOs of this city that will ensure its execution. Yapıl
Kokuroğlu stated that there is no obstacle in front of the high-speed train project. Our people should show the state how much they want the high-speed train and even cry for the high-speed train. There is no obstacle in front of the state to make high-speed train to Samsun. The state is waiting for demand. Even we cannot reach the services of our state as employees. A lot of work is being done. Çok
Kokuroğlu, il Samsun-Sivas railway line would normally be renovated in April. It was postponed until July. Our renovations will take 3 years, but this route will be opened occasionally during the renovations. Tad
Referring to train services, Kokuroğlu said, “We have 4 freight and 2 passenger trains. We carry more than 1 million tons of freight per year with our freight trains. We earn 110 thousand TL per month from our passenger trains. I thank the people of Samsun for their interest and support to us. " said.

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