Cable car in Eyüp

📩 24/11/2018 14:21

Cable car era in Eyüp: New ones are added to the cable car lines that provide solutions to Istanbul traffic and lead to the revival of tourism. With the projects to be implemented in Eyüp, two ropeway services will be provided.

New lines are added to the ropeway lines that provide solutions to Istanbul traffic and lead to the revival of tourism. While the Eyüp-Pierre Loti cable car line is extended to Miniatürk, it is planned to build the Miniatürk-Alibeyköy-Vialand cable car line. Upon completion of the projects, two lines will be served in Eyüp.

The Eyüp - Pierre Loti - Miniatürk cable car line will be 1,9 kilometers long and will consist of 3 stations. With the line that will reduce the travel time between Eyüp and Miniatürk to 7 minutes, it is planned to carry 1500 passengers in one direction per hour.

Another project will be the 3,5-kilometer Miniaturk -Alibeyköy -Vialand cable car line. The trip time between Miniatürk Vialand and 4 will be reduced by 11.

Eyup Mayor Remzi Aydin, said in a statement, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) will be added to the district by the 2 metro, 2 tram and a ropeway line continued to work.

Aydın, who said that the projects are expected to be completed in 2,5 years, pointed out that the cable car that has been serving Pierre Loti from Eyüp Square for 10 years is not enough for the region.

Expressing that the cable car line that will go from Pierre Loti to Miniatürk will serve two ropeway lines in the district, Aydın pointed out that the ropeway projects, which he described as “chimney-free industry”, contributed to the revival of the economy as well as cultural and social communication.

Aydin, said:

“A new line is being created under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş. From now on, there will be a cable car from Pierre Loti to Miniatürk. These lines will follow in Vialand and other points. We see that there is a serious queue on the cable car on the weekends. According to a statistics made in the past days, Eyüp Pierre Loti visited about 3 million people a year. This shows that there is high demand. Therefore, there will be an increase in the capacity of the ropeway and new lines will be created. The cable car will allow local and foreign tourists to travel more in Eyüp and its surrounding areas. ”

Eyüp Square will be renewed

Aydin, due to the historical identity of the district because of the many visitors received traffic difficulties, therefore, to ease the transportation and the historical fabric should be done to reveal the work told.

Providing information about the “Eyüp Square and its Surrounding Project”, which will be carried out by İBB and will pedestrian the historical Eyüp Square, Aydın stated that bicycle routes will be built within this scope and said:

“We produced our project in partnership with the Metropolitan Municipality. We are also working on historical management plans and urban design with Bilgi University. When we add transportation to all these works together, we will revive Eyüp and its surroundings in accordance with its historical texture. While doing this, we will work to find a balance that will ease the transportation and traffic circulation of our people. There will be a meeting next week. Studies have reached the final stages. There will be bicycle paths in the project. This is a project that we carry out with IMM. Metropolitan is very sensitive in this regard. ”

Saying that a tram line is planned along the coast line from Eminönü to Alibeyköy, Aydın said, “Bicycle paths will be created in parallel with the tram line. From Eminönü to Eyüp, it will extend to Florya in the future. Our people will have the opportunity to travel in the next few years by bicycle in as far as possible in Istanbul. ”