Skiing on the Jiblattepe

Enjoy skiing in Cibiltepe: Located between the major ski resorts in Turkey is experiencing snow and enjoy skiing weekend in Cibiltepe up to 150 centimeters.

After the intermittent snowfall in the district of Sarıkamış, the snow thickness reached 2 centimeters on the 634 thousand 2 altitude Cıbıltepe Ski Center 150nd stage track. Ski enthusiasts made skiing and snowboarding in Cıbıltepe, which is one of the favorite ski resorts of local and foreign tourists with its long ski slopes among the yellow pine forests.

The governor of Sarikamis, Mohammed Gurbuz, told AA correspondent that all of the ski slopes in the ski resort have been made ideal for skiing.

Gurbuz, stating that although the end of February, the snow on the tracks very well, "Currently Turkey and in many parts of the world, in such natural beauty, not a tremendous opportunity to ski in the snow crystal quality. We want all ski lovers to enjoy this pleasure. “We are planning to offer skiing opportunities in our center until mid-April”.

The ski center can serve up to one thousand 30 people per hour with its 9 slalom, which has a total length of 200 and a snowboard track, with an 4 chairlift.