35 Annual Pigeon Slots Fall Due to Tunnel Construction

Due to Tunnel Construction, 35 Annual Pigeon Slots are Falling: In Kasımpaşa, due to tunnel and road construction, approximately 35 annual pigeon nests are demolished by buckets. Residents said the nests in the retaining wall existed for years.
Tunnel construction between Kasımpaşa and Hasköy continues. Dozens of pigeon nests were demolished due to the underpass and pedestrian overpass works built at the entrance of the tunnel.
Sevgiye Tepe stated that the road is very narrow and that the studies should be done. Bu These nests can be moved to another place. But I don't know if pigeons will come. I'm 42. 35 has nests here for years. Pigeons have made themselves these slots. They're carrying something from the outside. It has become like their accommodation. Onların
Another citizen expressed his thoughts on the destruction of pigeon nests as follows: cin This work is useful to the nation. It's always a home. Where will they carry this? These walls will be demolished. People can't get through here. I've been here for 25. These nests are always here. These are birds. They must nest somewhere. Bir

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