3. Bridge, 3. Projects like Airport and Canal Istanbul will change Istanbul's climate, water will decrease

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  1. Bridge, 3. Projects such as the Airport and Canal Istanbul will change the climate of Istanbul and the water will be reduced: The report prepared by the 5 scientist included scary determinations for Istanbul.
  2. bridge, 3. mega projects such as the airport and Kanal Istanbul will even change the climate. The temperature will increase in Istanbul 2050 3 degrees will decrease the water of Istrancalar.
    While problems such as population growth, green destruction and climate change have a negative impact on water resources, the report prepared by the 5 scientist includes scary findings for Istanbul.
    According to a report entitled Öneril Istanbul's Water Crisis and Recommendations for Collective Solutions ”published on World Water Day; The temperature values ​​in Istanbul will be increased by 2050 until 3.
    According to Mert Inan's news published in Milliyet, the remarkable findings in the report are as follows:
    - Industrialization hazard: The first three fresh water resources with the highest level are Ömerli, Elmalı and Küçükçekmece. Alibeyköy is the most industrialized basin.
    - Not sustainable: 31 2014 164,5 XnumX total of XNUMX million cubic meters of water remained in all dams, additional water was transferred from Sakarya River. Water management for the continuous transport of water from other basins to Istanbul will not be sustainable.
    - Inadequate treatment facilities: Water quality is very low as a result of pollution of Sakarya River with industrial and domestic waste. The existing treatment facilities built according to the water quality of Melen and Yeşilçay are not suitable for treatment of Sakarya River.
    - Temperature will increase by 2.6: During the 2020-2050 period, the highest annual temperatures in the area covering a significant part of Istanbul's water assets are expected to increase by approximately 2,6. The increase in temperature is expected to be around 3 in Istanbul and its vicinity in summer.
    - Summer precipitation will decrease: It is predicted that winter precipitation will increase for 2020-2050 period in Istanbul, while summer and autumn rainfall is expected to decrease.
    - Mega projects will disrupt the climate: 3. Bridge, 3. Airport and Canal Istanbul will create new and additional heat sources that will cause changes in albedo properties with land use, humidity, temperature, gas and energy flow. This unnatural change can disrupt or even destroy the series of climates. The areas where the projects are made will most likely become an urban heat island.
  3. When the bridge is completed, a total of 8 thousand 715 hectares will be destroyed with the North Marmara Motorway. Exhaust gases due to sedimentation and traffic will cause contamination of water collected in reservoirs. Especially the pollution in the Ömerli reservoir will have a negative impact on the Melen Project, one of the important investments of DSİ. 3. Pollutants such as lead copper and zinc from the airport operation will turn Terkos Lake into a lake polluted with heavy metals. Kanal Istanbul, if the Sazlidere Basin meets the 6.7 of the water used in Istanbul, will be eliminated. With the new city project 4 to be built on the European side, all underground water resources from Silivri to Bekirli are at risk. Polluted groundwater is almost impossible to clean.
    Daily loss amount of 600 thousand cubic meters
    Turkey is very old water mains and is experienced in general well managed 43 percent failure rate losses due to theft. The loss-leakage rate for Megakent is at 27 level. A loss of 909 per annum in Istanbul with a total of 454 million 24 thousand cubic meters of water annually; daily 600 thousand cubic meters of water is wasted. The current water loss rate in Istanbul is equivalent to the water brought from Sakarya.

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