Erciyeste Animation for 120

Erciyes Film Animation named to 120: 120 film history, followed by Turkey's appreciation was quite important in terms of removing the facts to light. For this elephant at the Erciyes Ski Center in Kayseri, the animation was done with the students from Teden Middle School College. Details in our news Detaylar

The only secondary school College conducted at Erciyes Ski Center 'Patriotism Parade in students' performance on eye on the activities carried out to create doldurdu.vat love of consciousness in Turkey Malulü Veterans Martyrs Widows and Orphans Association President Ali Yavuz, President of the Open Tekden Board of Directors. Dr. Kemal Tekden, Tekden College General Manager İbrahim Orhan and many parents attended the theater. The students were shown the martyrdom of the theater by the students of the school. Tekden Chairman of the Board Kemal Tekden said: Our children are proud of today's 120 event. We've put on a very excellent event. We know that the Turkish Nation has a great history in order to live and live the history. So we know that great nations have great dates. We know how to make this history so powerful that we are prepared for the future. This is very important for the resurrection of a nation. We know the Turkish people as wise folks. We regard it as a unique nation in the world. Because we are a nation that has established justice throughout history as a nation that is the advocate of the oppressed and the adversary of the oppressors. The 120 movie is a film about the 120 boy. We have seen this children and today we are doing his exercises "dedi.türki to Malulü Veterans Martyrs Widows and Orphans Association President Ali Yavuz," Can the adoption are to sacrifice our nation for the motherland without blinking all the time. As long as we are here to unite our unity and solidarity, no one can destroy us as long as our valuable teachers educate our little ones with the love of the motherland. We will stand firm against violence with young people who are grown up with such homeland love. Sevgi Then the students were told by the students as a representation of the pain taken during the walk and the walk.

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