Tram accident 1 dead in Eskisehir (Video)

Tram accident in Eskişehir 1 dead: In Eskişehir, the man who was hit by the tram used by a woman wandering died. The effort of a 10-year-old boy to view the event from the window of his house with a cell phone drew attention during the efforts to unearth the body of the man who was stuck under the tram and died terribly.

According to information obtained, the SA-operated tram tram on the Opera-71 Houses Tram Line, Mustafa Kemal Pasha District Hasan Polatkan Bulvarı'ndeki Hüsnü Çetin (60) on the line was hit. Trapped under the tram under the influence of the impact, the man died at the scene. Çetin's body, which could not be determined yet on the line, was removed from the place where Estram and firefighters worked, and the morgue of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Medical Faculty Hospital was removed.


On the other hand, the corpse of the man's corpse from the place where the body of the curious crowd and curious citizens on the street, followed by the second watched seconds. In addition, a child of the age of 10 struggles to shoot this disastrous image from their house window on their mobile phone, while a girl of 3-4 was trying to watch the event from her house window with her family.


The tram of the tram, SA, went into shock after the incident. The woman, who drowned in tears, was immediately taken to the 112 ambulance. SA was attempted to be calmed down by 112 Emergency Service personnel. The investigation is in progress.



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