Hundreds of thousands of shocked shock

False shock shock to hundreds of thousands of drivers: Even if there was a Leak switch from the shortest distance, it was requested to prevent the penalty from the longest distance due to PTT and Highways error.
It was determined that the truck drivers who tried to earn bread money in the chain of scandals that appeared in the PTT General Directorate's 2012 account talks were also sentenced to 'crazy dumrul'. Özay Atbaş, Deputy General Manager of PTT, admitted that TIR had been punished separately for its plug-in trailer. It was admitted by the bureaucrats of PTT that truckers were sentenced between 30 thousand and 80 thousand liras.
The issue that MPs complained the most in the commission was that HGS imposed the longest distance penalty on short distance. Opposition lawmakers also gave the example of the punishment that emptied the citizen. According to this, even if a driver who has illegally passed through the Istanbul Çamlıca toll booths exits from the Sultanbeyli toll booths, he has to pay 1.80 times the TL 11 of the Akıncı box office, which is the farthest and lastest booth of the Anatolian highway.
This increases the amount of the penalty to 80 TL, which is exactly 165 times. This application is offered to be solved. According to the data of the General Directorate of Highways, in 2013, 10 million 463 thousand vehicles were presented to the deputies in the SEE Commission where a fines of 1 billion 162 million TL were imposed on the grounds that they were illegal. PTT Deputy General Manager Ali İhsan Karaca did not inform how much punishment was imposed in 2014. Karaca admitted that last year, notification of a penalty of 400 million 1 thousand liras awaits for 750 thousand illegal passes. Opposition lawmakers noted that institutions arbitrarily did not communicate fines for 1 year, indicating that interest was imposed. It was pointed out that the penalty of 120 liras reached 5 thousand liras due to interest.
It was emphasized that HGS, which was established on the highway and Bosphorus bridges, was tendered for 22 million dollars, but the cost to the state reached 100.4 million liras later. CHP Commissioner CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar said that HSG is a problem for the citizens. Pointing out that thousands of punishments are imposed on the drivers every day, Akar said, "You have sentenced people to 37 thousand, 80 thousand liras." Speaking about Akar's reaction, PTT Deputy General Manager Özay Atbaş said that 100 people work at the General Directorate of Highways to correct the penalties.
Ak Party Istanbul Deputy Gülay Dalyan from HGS who made the drivers inim down complained. Speaking at the KIT Commission, Dalyan said, “We have a lot of trouble in the field. The moment I passed through HGS, I say correct it from the other side. Highways refer to PTT to PTT Highways. I don't know the Highways. Solve the trouble people experience. PTT needs to solve this penalty problem with Highways. ” KIT Commission President Hasan Fehmi Kinay said, "The penalties have gone into disruption beyond deterrence."



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