Yozgat is late on the fast train

Yozgat is late in the fast train: AK Party deputy candidate candidate Salim Kahramanoğlu, fast train project is important in terms of Yozgat, stating, but the high-speed train will contribute to the city after the work will occur, he said.

Salim Kahramanoğlu, former Deputy Chairman of the State Personnel, a candidate for the Yozgat deputy candidate from the AK Party, made important statements about the high-speed train. Underlining that the high-speed train project is a century-old dream of Yozgat, Kahramanoğlu said that studies should be carried out on high-speed trains as soon as possible.

Underlining that migration is the most important problem in Yozgat, Kahramanoğlu stated that migration can be reversed with the work to be done.

Emphasizing that the high-speed train project is continuing and that there is no preparation for the project in Yozgat, Kahramanoğlu drew attention to the need for non-governmental organizations and provincial administrators to take action.

Project Completion Date 2018

Kahramanoğlu stated that there is a 132 km railway network within the borders of Yozgat. Underlining that an average of 113 thousand passengers and 340 thousand tons of freight are transported annually, Kahramanoğlu noted that the Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway project started in 2007. Underlining that the planned completion date of the project is 2018, Kahramanoğlu stated that the project cost was 6,2 billion TL and 2014 billion TL was spent by the end of 2,1.

Kahramanoğlu said, “Infrastructure works of the 251 km long Yerköy-Sivas section of the Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway Project have been completed, the 143 km section of which construction work is ongoing. The remaining 108 km section was designed in 3 sections.

Yerköy-Sivas replenishment 1. 63 physical, Yerköy-Sivas Supply 2. 1 physical and Yerköy-Sivas supply 3. % 38 physical progress has been achieved.

While tunnel construction continues in the Kırıkkale-Yerköy part of the project, its physical progress is 74%.

% 1 physical progress has been achieved in Kayaş-Kırıkkale viaduct construction works. On the date of April 2014, the auction of Kayas-Elmadag section, and on May 2014, Elmadag-Kirikkale section was made. Evaluation studies continue.

The electrification project in Ankara, Kırıkkale, Yozgat, Kayseri, Sivas was started in 2014. The project will be completed in 2016. As of the end of 493, 2014 million TL was spent for the project, which was tendered with a price of 34 million. 10% of the project is completed.

Yerköy Kayseri High-speed railway project will start this year. 2018 billion TL will be spent on the project, which is planned to be completed in 1,9. The tender will be held after the project revisions are made ”.


Reminding that Yozgat has a period of 3 years, Kahramanoğlu stated that the development and development plan for the high-speed train should be put forward. Stating that the high-speed train will bring contributions to Yozgat, Kahramanoğlu stated that it will come to the fore in its sectoral developments.

Noting that the Yozgat high-speed train project will contribute not only to the center but also to the districts, Kahramanoğlu said that the project is a project that will support the development of the high speed train.

Stating that such an investment in Yozgat will have a positive effect and prevent migration to the west, Kahramanoğlu said, “The high-speed train project is a project that will save Yozgat from migration pressure.

Planning needs to be made as soon as possible in order for the project to be beneficial for Yozgat. It has become inevitable to start working on the project, which is an opportunity for Yozgat, to provide the desired contribution. At this point, we will be working forward by showing our best efforts. "We will undertake works that are beneficial to Yozgat in both bureaucratic and political terms," ​​he said.

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