Snowfall at Star Mountain reaches 2 meters

Snowfall at Star Mountain reached 2 meters: At the Mountain Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, snow thickness at the summit reached 2 meters.

According to a written statement made by Sivas Special Provincial Administration, snowfall at Yildiz Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center is effective at intervals.

The snow thickness on the runways in the ski center has passed 1 meters, and the 2 meters have reached the peak.

Free transportation is provided to the center, which is 61 kilometers from Sivas.

The ski center has a runway track, a beginner rink for new learners, 893 and 883 meter 2 semi-professional track, 2 bin 360, 2 bin 345, a thousand 699 and a thousand 726 meters of professional 4 meters.

Sivas Special Provincial Administration General Secretary Salih Ayhan stated that the citizens of Sivas and the citizens from the surrounding provinces showed great interest to the ski center and said, “Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, which has been the dream of Sivas for many years, has been responded by the intense interest of our citizens. I believe that the center, which responds to the social needs of our citizens, will both increase the tourism potential of our city and contribute to its employment ”.