Zurna protest drums for bridge

Drum zurnalı protest for the bridge is not made: Hatay, Erzin district of the 5 months ago 80 year before the bridge was flooded by the new bridge was not replaced because the residents of the drum made a protest action.
In Hürriyet District, on the Old Adana Road, where there are about 150 houses and 500 people live, the bridge was not built to replace the bridge, which was caught in flood waters, caused reactions from the citizens. When the bridge, which was built 20 meters ahead of the collapsed bridge, was caught in flood waters due to the last rains, the residents of the neighborhood protested the Hatay Metropolitan Municipality by playing drums and flutes where the remains of the bridge were found.
Mehmet Nuri Ulu, Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture Ahmet Keskin and President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bekir Soylu expressed their reactions.
The local people, who were stranded due to the flooding of the bridge, said, ı Our children are going to school in difficult conditions. We are suffering the pain of taking our patients to the health center and hospital. We want the authorities to build our bridge as soon as possible. Yet


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