25 thousand tons of asphalt will be poured on the roads of Bornova

25 thousand tons of asphalt will be poured on the roads of Bornova: Bornova Municipality of Izmir took action to renew the roads in the district. The municipality, which started the preparations for the 20 thousand tons of paving hot asphalt tender to renew the worn-out roads, will renew the 15-kilometer road from top to bottom as the weather gets warmer. Patches will be made at various points with a separate tender of 5 thousand tons. The patches will reach a length of 4 kilometers.
Bornova Municipality will determine the ways in which asphalts will find a total of 25 thousand tons. The demands of the citizens and the demands of the muhtars will be taken into consideration in addition to the findings of the municipal teams. The necessary posts were sent to the muhtars on the subject. Bornovalılar, the streets they want to be paved by informing the headmen, the request will be forwarded to the Municipality of Bornova. Following the evaluation of the demands of the residents and the condition of the roads, the paving works will begin.
Mayor Olgun Atila stated that Bornova is one of the districts carrying the burden of İzmir and said, ini Our district is a transit point for both Ankara and İstanbul. We have a significant traffic density due to our universities, factories, industrial sites and many other attractions. With our work we will ensure that both our guests coming to our district and Bornovans travel more comfortably. Yap

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