Citizen HGS trap

Citizens HGS Trap: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, has announced that highway and bridge crossings due to exorbitant fines of thousands of drivers written.
Thousands of lire penalties are being written to some citizens in highway and bridge crossings. Small mistakes made to large bills.
Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation Chairman Fevzi Apaydin, highway and bridge crossings or is no card in the card balance is insufficient or HGS said that thousands of vehicles with defective oil punishment. Apaydın said, “The vehicle owners were almost destroyed with the numbers they saw in the notifications they received or in the inquiries they made over the internet. They are brooding against the thousands of lira fine. In case of incorrect crossings, the longest distance is taken into consideration, and ten times more penalties are added. "Transport shopkeepers do not have the power to pay such a fine," he said.
Fevzi Apaydın pointed out that the owners of buses, trucks, trucks and vans complain about the problem, stating that thousands of vehicle owners who do not have a card at the highway and bridge crossings, but whose balance is insufficient or whose HGS card is defective. Apaydın said, “Although there is money in HGS accounts, the cards or plates are not read during the passes, and those who do not have enough money in their account are sentenced to the reaction of our tradesmen.
While the HGS device has 100 Turkish Liras as the balance, the vehicle that makes a passage of 3,80 TL is fined ten times the longest distance on that road plus one pass, as the system does not recognize the device. Our tradesmen, who think they have a balance, use the highway and the penalties are increasing exponentially. He said, “When they have news, thousands of unpaid fines have been accumulated”.
In the law proposal discussed in the parliamentary commissions, the work done for the termination of the grievances experienced in the tolls of the motorways and bridges Apaydın, said:

“We find the arrangement very positive. In the proposal interviewed, it was asked to change the phrase 'the longest distance of that route' in the legislation of the General Directorate of Highways to 'the distance from which it enters and exits without paying a toll'. It was stated that the 7-day period was also insufficient in practice for the fee collection system foreseen for the penalties imposed within the scope of the same proposal, and this period was requested to be increased to 15 days. Thus, vehicle owners who are in a suspended situation will be given the opportunity to pay their penalties in a longer period of time without notification. But if the tenfold penalty is reduced, the main driver tradesmen will be happy. We expect a discount from ten times the penalty. "

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