Skiing in Val Thorens until May

Skiing in Val Thorens until May: Val Thorens is located in the Belleville valley in the world famous Les Trois Vallees region of the French Alps, and is the highest ski resort in Europe with an altitude of 2 meters. In addition, the region offers a long ski season from November to May with guaranteed snow levels.

Part of Les Trois Vallees, the largest ski area in the world, Val Thorens has a 2000-kilometer-long piste over 140 meters and the highest quality and guaranteed snow conditions. In addition, all facilities in Val Thorens offer the luxury of attaching skis and sliding from the door. If you want, you can expand your Val Thorens ski-pass to include the Les Trois Vallees region by paying an additional price of 55 euros per week, and enjoy endless skiing in 600 kilometers of endless mountains, valleys and landscapes. Courchevel, the headliner of Les Trois Vallees, has brought the concept of luxury to the top. However, Val Thorens is the new favorite of the valley, with extremely stylish and luxurious designer hotels and gourmet restaurants opened in the last five years. However, Val Thorens ski resort does not have the atmosphere of a typical European ski village, as it consists of high-rise hotels and residences lined up on the side of a winding road that meanders on the mountainside. When you ask about the center in a developed ski-oriented town, they show you a 150-meter-long street with shops and restaurants on both sides. In order to reach this place, you have to get on the walking carpets inside the tunnels on the ski track, otherwise you have to walk around the bends. However, there are some nice hotels in Val Thorens that fill this gap very well. Gorgeous hotels with designs appealing to the eyes and soul, delicious food, exquisite spas with sauna, massage, swimming pool, pleasant lounge and bar areas, ski shops where you can shop for missing ski equipment, rent skis, and buy ski passes makes you forget. Hotel selection becomes very important in Val Thorens as you spend almost all your time at the hotel except skiing. In addition, Val Thorens offers a long ski season from November to mid-May with its high location and guaranteed snow level. Since it is located in the evening sun, the lifts close at Val Thorens at the latest. You can ski from 9.00 in the morning until 17.00 in the evening. After all, Val Thorens is an ideal option for those who call skiing first and for those who love plenty of snow.

Longest runway track
Val Thorens is located in Les Trois Vallees, the largest ski region in the world. The other villages below in the valley where Val Thorens are located are Les Menuires and the world smurf St Martin. On one side of Val Thorens is Meribel, the most picturesque village of the Trois Vallees region, and Orelle village is located in the fourth valley on the other side. Courchevel is in the valley after Meribel. Apart from skiing, there are many exciting activities in Val Thorens: The longest toboggan run in Europe with a length of six kilometers, and you can also go sled at night. The world's tallest wire rope belt is also at Val Thorens. The 3200-meter-long route with breathtaking views at 1300 meters altitude is an unforgettable experience. In addition, go-kart races on ice offer an adrenaline-filled pleasure.

How to go?

Val Thorens is 159 km from Geneva airport and 180 km (2.5-3.5 hours) from Lyon airport.

Where to stay?

Altapura: Altapura hotel, which has the motto of 'The Highest Ski Palace in the World', has brought together local and authentic elements and modern designs in a futuristic architecture.
Club Med Sensations: Club Med Val Thorens, renovated in 2015, is a truly wonderful accommodation alternative. For an all-inclusive hotel, it has an extremely tasteful, modern and stylish design, the food is extremely delicious and the price is very reasonable, including accommodation, ski pass, morning-afternoon meals and ski training.
Fitz Roy Hotel: With the title of Val Thorens' design hotel, this stylish hotel is the most central hotel in the village.
L'Oxalys: Relais & Chateaux member boutique hotel, chalet and apartment complex has 36 apart rooms.
Le Val Thorens: This design hotel, located next to the Fitz Roy hotel, is also a sister hotel. The hotel design with a modern line is ideal for lovers.

What to eat?

Lunch addresses
Chalet de La Marine: Without a doubt, Val Thorens best and trendy lunch destination. Traditional tastes are presented with modern interpretations in Chalet de la Marine, which serves as a bistro at the bottom and a gourmet restaurant at the top. They are assertive in soups and meats.
La Fruitiere: Val D'isere's most enjoyable lunch spot, La Frutiere offers a wide variety of cheeses, wines and a modern cuisine in a white wooden hut in Val Thorens.
Chalet de Thorens: Chalet de Thorens is an ideal choice for those who want a little more traditional tastes and foot-to-floor prices.

Dinner addresses

Jean Sulpice: Val Thorens' only Michelin star restaurant. It offers the experimental flavors of the young chef Jean Sulpice, who has been awarded the most prestigious chef award in France. I cannot get enough of the taste of the 'La Lauze' menu.
Les Enfants Terribles: Oysters, lobsters, crabs, shrimps, duck and salmon awaits you in a stylish mountain bistro environment. We recommend to put the last point with profiterole.
La Table du Roy: The restaurant, Le Fitz Roy, offers a gourmet experience with modern and creative French delicacies in a sophisticated and elegant setting.

Where to have fun?

La Folie Douce: La Folie Douce, whose motto is 'The highest dance floor in the world', is thrilled with a different live DJ and musician performance every day from 12 noon. Mainly electro-house and groove tones are accompanied by saxophonists and vocalists, and the crowd on the tables from the afternoon dances until 17.00.