The overpass was the highway death road

The highway with no overpass was the death route: crossing the international Silk Road in Üçyol area of ​​Kozluk district, where hundreds of vehicles are transported, carries a high risk especially for students and pedestrians. Every day, primary school children come and go from Health and Tepecik neighborhoods and go to 29 Ekim Primary school through the highway and bring vital risks.
District residents who want an overpass to the Silk Road, where there is a heavy traffic flow, state that the authorities are insensitive to these issues. Mehmet Şirin Onuk, one of the district residents who lost his grandfather as a result of an accident while crossing the Üçyol highway in a Ramadan month, said, “Üçyol is on the International Silk Road. Therefore, this road passes through the middle of the settlement of the Üçyol region. For this reason, drivers who do not comply with the speed limit drive at a speed of 80-90 kilometers. As such, life safety is also reduced to zero. Therefore overpass is a must! Because many schools are close to this silk road. School students have to cross this main road. Since this is a very busy road, accidents happen frequently. Since there is no underpass and overpass, I lost my grandfather as a result of an accident last year. " he spoke.



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