This has fallen under the moving train (Video)

This is how he fell under the train in motion: A person who suddenly lost his balance while going to the train approaching the station in England, fell under the train in motion, but even his nose did not bleed.

On the way to the train approaching the station at Picadilly underground station in Manchester, England, a person who suddenly lost his balance fell under the moving train. It was seen that, even after a few meters, the person who was taken out from under the train, miraculously did not bleed his nose.




    1. Moving objects (vehicles, especially trailed trains, etc.), while driving, lead a pressure wave (ler + küt bass) in the form of a large hemisphere / half ball in the nose part within the framework of Aerodynamic theories. From the point of rinsing, from the point where the train is passing, the standing man feels that he is being pushed out of the trand by a hand. If the train is fast, with this air strike, it can easily be thrown to the ground. As soon as the point of the nose of the train begins to cross that point, this pressure wave changes its direction suddenly, leaving the positive pressure to a negative pressure, so first the train's front air wave is pushed outward in the transverse direction. It pulls. In the meantime, the person can get caught by pulling towards the bottom of the train. For this reason, the stations always have a safety line (usually yellow) that shows the distance between the stands and the train. This line should not be exceeded. The higher the speed of the train, the harder and stronger the push / pull effect. For the train passing through the station at higher speed than the stopping speed, it is always necessary to be alerted. Every year dozens of people are hurting because of the wrong posture in the world. Result: ATTENTION!
      In modern garages, the glass barrier between passenger and train is now STANDARD!