Ulusoy Electricity Generates Catenary Systems

Ulusoy Elektrik Produces Catenary Systems: Ulusoy Elektrik produces Catenary Systems with its own brand and R & D and product development works based on the principle of domestic production.

Ulusoy Elektrik accelerated product development with its R & D studies and introduced Catenary Systems used in railway electrification as domestic production to the market and prevented the dependence on this product. The main products of these systems are Console Hoban Sets, Insulators, Conductor Accessories (Terminal Blocks, Grifs, etc.), Automatic Tensioner and Pole Connection Parts. All products are produced in accordance with the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), International Electric Commission (IEC), European Norm (EN) international standards.

TCDD Railway Research and Technology Center, METU Welding Technology and Non-Destructive Testing Center, TURKAK approved laboratories and calibration institutions are cooperating for quality certification and testing.

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