Uludag last 6 experienced the most active winter season of the year

The last 6 of Uludağ experienced the most active winter season of the year: the demand for 80 more than the previous years and the lack of bed capacity led tourismmakers to produce alternative solutions.

In Uludağ, which has a capacity of 8 thousand beds, the 15-day semester break and the intensity that occurred due to the WinterFest festival coinciding with the same time period both made tourism professionals smile and led them to find another solution. In the past years, the number of people who went to Uludağ daily due to the semester break was 6 thousand, and this number increased to over 20 thousand with the lift of the cable car to the hotels area. While the hotels in Uludağ were closing the reservations completely, different solutions were sought for the requests from abroad. Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) South Marmara Region Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Akkus, said the interest of the heavy snowfall in the last 6 years in Uludag, "Ski tourism center in Uludag laugh this year the snow we all face. On the one hand, the thickness of the snow is over 2,5 meters, on the other hand, the density of the cable car going to the hotels area with the intensity of the semester break and WinterFest increased the density 4 times. While the occupancy rate of the hotels remained at 90 percent at most in previous years, this year it did not fall below 100 percent ”. Drawing attention to the high demand for Uludağ from abroad, Akkuş said, “This year, the number of reservations requested to be made to Uludağ from abroad tripled. Semester break and WinterFest had already filled the hotels. In order not to reject these requests, we, as the association, are implementing our project of taking the international reservations to Uludağ for a day by evaluating the international reservations at the hotels in the city center, as the cable car goes to the hotels area. Emphasizing that the bed capacity is insufficient in Uludağ, Akkuş continued his words as follows: “The bed capacity in Uludağ is around 3 thousand. This year, the reservation request to Uludağ was over 8 thousand. This shows how insufficient the bed capacity is. In the last 15 years, we have had a year with the best snowfall. The high demand for Uludağ also depends on the satisfying snowfall. We think that this demand, which makes everyone happy in Uludağ, will also be in the coming years. "

Snow thickness 2,5 meter
On the other hand, snow thickness was measured at 2,5 meters in Uludağ. According to the information obtained from Bursa Meteorology Directorate, the snow thickness, which was 2 meters yesterday in the "hotel zone", reached 2,5 meters after the night rain. Snowfall is expected to continue until night in Uludağ, where air temperatures are measured at 11 degrees below zero and 6 degrees below the highest zero. Traffic flow is hardly achieved in the "hotel zone" due to its type. Cable car services were suspended.