Tuzla Havaray project tender made

Tuzla Havaray project tender was held: While the project tender of the Tuzla Havaray Project, which covers a line of approximately 100 kilometers between the D-5 Highway and the coast, was carried out today, 661 applications were made to the project, whose approximate cost was announced as 55 thousand 11 TL.

The first phase of the havaray project, which will be carried out in Istanbul to relieve city traffic, started with the project tender for Tuzla Havaray today. 11 applications came to the tender held in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Merter Additional Service Building with a closed envelope method.

Approximately cost 661 thousand 55 pounds announced in the project after the preliminary examination of the commission in the envelopes, the numbers given by the companies were announced. The lowest bid with the 372 bin 500 lira Kmg Project Engineering Consulting Cons. Tech. Ltd. , The highest bid with the 777 thousand 725 pounds Grontmij Ab.

The Commission will explain to whom the tender will be given after the detailed examination in the coming days.

With the extension of the Havaray line, which aims to relieve traffic, to Tuzla, integrated transportation will be provided with Viaport Marin, which is planned to be built on Marmaray, metro, and on the beach and is expected to reach 25 million visitors annually. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality plans to realize a total of 8 havaray projects throughout the province.

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