24 million licenses will be changed in Turkey

Turkey will change 24 million license: İSKEF President Tekin, July or expected to enter into force in August with nearly 24 million licenses in accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations will be replaced with new ones in exchange for 15 pounds.
Murat Tekin, Head of Istanbul Federation of Driving Schools and Educators (İSKEF), stated that in accordance with the Highways Traffic Regulation, which is expected to take effect in July or August, approximately 24 million license will be replaced with new ones for 15 liras.
In a statement he made to AA correspondent, Tekin stated that the regulation draft, which includes the regulations regarding the Trainee Driving License Law, has reached the final stage, and that the regulation, which also received the opinions of the Parties, will enter into force as early as July or August.
Police General Directorate, explaining that went a similar system in Europe to change the license of taking into consideration the needs of Turkey Tekin, said:
“We are currently giving 9 different driving licenses. These driving license classes will increase to 17. All of our licenses will change. Licenses used for small vehicles such as cars, minibuses will be changed every 10 years, and licenses used for vehicles such as buses and trucks will be changed every 5 years. The driver will go to the Health Center after completing the specified time and will receive a 'Driver becomes report' again. After receiving this report, he will give his 15 lira and change his license. ”
- "24 million driving license will be changed"
Murat Tekin, there are approximately 24 million licenses in Turkey, but will be replaced with new ones in exchange for their 15 pounds.
Stating that the new driving licenses will be valid in 80 countries, including European countries, Tekin said, “With the regulation, it will be necessary to take the small driving license, experience it and then move on to a big driving license. For example, a person will not be able to apply for a bus, truck license, which we call direct (E) class. First, he will have to take (B) class, ”he said.
Tekin, who stated that the person who applied for a driver's license for the first time will have an internship for 1 year after succeeding in the written and steering exams, that during this period, the General Directorate of Security will give the driver a penalty score of 50 or 70, The trainee noted that his license would be canceled.
- "1 million 700 thousand driving license is at risk"
ISKEF President Murat Tekin stated that the Motor Vehicles Driving Course Regulation was changed on May 29, 2013, and the steering exams became more difficult with the regulation.
Tekin said that the regulation, which has been successful for the testers to take their certificates to safety, is 2 year.
Tekin said, “Currently, approximately 1 million 700 thousand driving licenses are at risk. The previous driving licenses must also be converted by May 29, 2015. In other words, certificate files need to be converted into a driver's license. If they are not translated, these rights will burn, they will have to apply to the driving courses again. ”
- "The driver who cannot park between the two vehicles will not get a driver's license"
at least 12 hours of training given to the driver steering the course, candidates also stressed the need to know their rights in this regard Thompson, steering exam success earlier said that the 99 percent of statistics in Turkey.
Tekin said, “100 out of 99 people could get their driver's license. Currently, success rates are between 55 and 60 percent. Why? Because in the measurement and evaluation, it was passed from the grade system to the successful or unsuccessful section. Those who cannot park between two vehicles, miss their vehicle on the slope, cannot come back 25 meters back, cannot complete this combination in the 30-minute exam cannot be successful. ”
Expressing that the graduates of machinery and engine departments who have pedagogical education instead of only the exams held by teachers on weekends should be carried out by the "Exam Makers Commission" to be established within the Ministry of Education, emphasized that those who succeed in the driving courses can go to safety and turn it into a license.
Tekin said, “With the work done by the General Directorate of Security, the issuance of driving licenses will be transferred to the population directorates at the first stage. Then it will be sent to the address of the person from the population directorates. ”

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