Turkey delivered the land, at the end of the road condition

Turkey delivered the land, at the end of the road situation: Kütahya, Afyonkarahisar city due to heavy snowfall and type and Antalya were closed highway connecting transportation.
The traffic crews are being turned down from Zafertepe Junction in the direction of Afyonkarahisar from Kütahya due to snowfall and heavy type. Meanwhile, it was reported that a chain traffic accident occurred in the 35th kilometer of the Kütahya-Afyonkarahisar highway, involving two trucks and a bus. Highways teams continue their salting and snow removal activities in order to open the road to transportation. In Afyonkarahisar, the highway connecting the city to Antalya and Denizli due to heavy snowfall and type was closed to bidirectional transportation.
The traffic police stopped the passage of the vehicles by providing information about the road condition to the drivers going from Afyonkarahisar to Antalya and Denizli due to the snowfall and heavy type. On the other hand, it was learned that the traffic accident occurred in Kızılören junction occurred. Those trapped on the roads were directed to rest facilities by traffic crews. Uğur Şahlayan, one of the drivers, told AA correspondent, that he came from Isparta and that he could come from Isparta to Sandıklı in 5 hours due to adverse weather conditions. Stating that there is no information about when the road will be opened, Şahlayan stated that he is concerned about the damage of the cargo he is carrying.
Transportation in the Mezitler location of the Bursa-Ankara highway is difficult. The snowfall in Bursa affects life negatively. Due to the snowfall that starts to be effective in the morning in most of the city, transportation is difficult in the Mezitler location of the Bursa-Ankara highway. It does not allow the drivers of trucks and trucks without a chain to advance. A large number of damaged traffic accidents occurred on the road with long queues. 90 teams consisting of 22 people by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started work to open the roads of 55 rural neighborhoods in İnegöl, Kestel and Keles districts. In the city center, 24 teams continue to work with 200 people in three shifts.
At around 12.30, the D-100 Highway Bolu Mountain pass was closed to transportation as a truck slipped in Istanbul.
As the road closes to transportation as a result of the slipping of the TIR in Bakacak, work has been started to lift the vehicle off the road. Transportation is provided from a single lane as a result of a truck hitting the barriers in Ankara direction in the same region. Traffic and Highways teams continue their work in the region.
Traffic policemen, which closed the direction of going to Manisa in front of the 57th Artillery Brigade in Bornova district, directed the drivers towards Turgutlu direction. Transition from Manisa to Izmir is allowed. It was learned that the snowfall was especially effective in the Sabuncubeli location, and some cars from Izmir to Manisa slipped off the road.
Due to heavy snowfall in Manisa, the Manisa-İzmir highway Sabuncubeli pass was closed to transportation.
The expected snow in Manisa opposed the morning. While the high parts of the city were turning white, the Sabuncubeli pass between Izmir-Istanbul highway between Izmir and Manisa closed as a result of the overthrow of a sliding TIR. Cars are not allowed to pass from Izmir to Manisa. Due to the heavy snowfall and type, many arabs traveling from Manisa to İzmir were on the road at the Sabuncubeli pass. While some cars were slipping due to icing, those without snow tires and chains remained on the road. Citizens reacted not to open the road closed from the snow. They argued that their efforts to open the road were insufficient and that they expected to be opened to traffic as soon as possible.
While Sabuncubeli road, which provides İzmir's transportation to Istanbul via Manisa, is closed to traffic, the cars were stopped at the exit of Bornova and directed to Manisa via Belkahve-Turgutlu. Cars going from Izmir to Izmir direction were also directed to Izmir via Menemen. While snowfall continues in the Sabuncubeli pass and high sections, the teams continue to open the road and salt it.
After the TIR slipped due to heavy snowfall on the Bolu Mountain section of the D-100 highway, transportation was closed. Transportation of the highways after the 30 minutes of work was opened.
According to information obtained, after the heavy snowfall in the morning hours on the Bolu Mountain D-100 highway Bolu Mountain section after the shearing of the TIR transportation was closed. Police and road crews worked out the 30 minute to remove the floating TIR from the road, while the transportation hours opened at 13.30.
While many Cars were on the road in Bolu Mountain, citizens saved their vehicles by pushing.
Burdur-Antalya Highway Çeltikçi Beli, two TIR in the evening due to the snow due to the road was closed due to the transportation. A roadway of about 4 kilometers occurred on the highway.
Burdur-Antalya Highway Celtikçi Beli evening in the evening due to heavy snowfall on the road remained two. When the highway was closed for transportation, an 4 kilometer was formed.
Due to bad weather conditions, transportation between Kayseri and Kahramanmaraş highway Sarız-Afşin was closed. Last night due to the intensive type of transportation, the Kayseri-Malatya highway Pınarbaşı-Gürün, Kayseri-Erciyes-Develi, Kayseri-Hacilar-Erciyes highways were opened in the morning as a result of the work of the Highways teams.
Meanwhile, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality teams were engaged in snow-fighting on some roads of Şıhlı with their villages on the border of Develi-Yahyalı.

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