What We Don't Know About Trains: What is Boden?

What is Boden?
What is Boden?

In railways, the profile of the wheel is the protruding part that will provide minimum friction while rolling on the rail and will not derail by resisting the horizontal and vertical effects that will occur while standing.

Boden has passed from English to our language and technique as a term. English "Flange“. It literally means protrusion in Turkish. If we explain it as a technical term: Boden is the protruding part of the wheel that allows the train to move forward without derailment. The standards have given detailed information about the height and thickness of the flange of each wheel.

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  1. BUDEN; It is the protruding part on the rolling surface of the rolling surface of the railway vehicles. It is the shoulder part on the inner side of the rail.Buden prevents the wheel body from derailment while traveling. It also prevents the wheel body from derailment. It is worn over time due to friction and rotation. It is taken from the service when it comes to abnormal dimensions from the height and width measurements. The projection measure of the height in the width is the basis of the enterprise. It wears out on the broken road, on the dry road and the rapit braking. The mechanical and chemical structure of the bender is close to that of the rail and does not wear for a long time. The height of the artat is the most important part that ensures the safety of the series in traffic. For this reason, the situations of these are checked at the end of each trip. Specialist technical staff who do the control, know the importance and feature of the work, so the trains carry passengers safely and comfortably. These technicians who provide passengers to the trains I marbling. (mahmut demirkolllu)