What We Do Not Know About Trains: What is Buden?

What is Buden? : The profile of the wheel in the railways is a protruding part which will provide a minimum friction when rolling on the rail and that will occur when standing horizontally, counteracting the vertical effects on the road axis and ensuring that it does not get off the track.


  1. BUDEN is the protruding part of the wheel in the railway vehicles on the rolling surface. It is the postpaid part on the inside of the rails. It prevents the wheel body from running out of the track when it is in jogging. from the height of the height and width is taken from the service is taken from the abnormal measure of the width of the projection. The most important part of the traffic in the traffic that provides the security of the most important part of the budenlerdir.This reason, the situation of the situation is checked every time. Congratulations to the technicians who provide the passengers with favor. (mahmut demirkolllu)