Training You interrupted the action of tramway (Video)

Training You did not interfere with tramway operations: Education Sen members gathered in Beyazıt Square protested against the removal of compulsory religious courses and the conversion of some schools to imam hatip high schools.

The walk to the tram on the way to the group caused some flights to be interrupted. Eğitim Sen İstanbul Branch and representatives of various NGOs acted to protest against the abolition of the application of compulsory religious courses. A group of about 500 people gathered in Beyazıt Square and marched with slogans. Police took extensive security measures due to the action. In the meantime, some voyages occurred due to a walk on the tram line. The march of the group lasted until the National Education Directorate. Hüseyin Özer, the secretary of the Turkish Education-Sen Branch who made a statement on behalf of the group here, said: üs Science policies and practices that have been implemented on the education system for years and which are completely contrary to the science of pedagogy have increased more than ever in the past. The education system from pre-primary education to universities is organized according to the religious rules and references that are constantly exploited by the power by ignoring the most fundamental universal facts of science. Okul

Özer claimed that the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (AHİM) were ignored and added, din The European Court of Human Rights decided that compulsory religious education was a violation of freedom of religion and conscience, but despite the judicial decisions, no necessary steps have been taken so far. Turkey in the curricula of mandatory religion classes in school years are the rules of Islam's Sunni-Hanafi. For this reason, all religions and beliefs are not introduced to students at equal distance. This situation leads to the emergence of discriminatory and exclusionary practices especially for Alevi and non-Muslim students in schools Bu.

Özer, mümkün A non-secular educational system to be democratic and scientific to serve the struggle for democracy, equality and freedom, it is not possible to live freely without any pressure on the beliefs of individuals. We call on political power to put an end to the polarization practices of society on the basis of religion, language, sect and identity differences, and to stop public, scientific, secular and anti-educational practices immediately. Siy

The group was silently scattered after the press release.



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