Kayseri Usulı Metrobüs in Public Transport

In the framework of the project carried out on the Kocasinan Bulvarı, the Metropolitan Municipality found a practical solution in order to prevent the public transportation in the frame of the works focused on the intersection of the Highway Roads.

The activities initiated at the Kocasinan Boulevard for the relief of urban traffic by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri intensified at the Highway Road. A practical solution was found by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality in order not to interfere with public transportation in Kayseray route during the works. Between the organized stop and the Düvenönü stop, citizens were transported by bus.

Hayri Naziksoy, Deputy Secretary General of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We announced the issue to our citizens before the implementation started. These studies will continue for 6 days. We aim to complete these studies before schools are opened. We are open to all kinds of demands of our citizens in this regard, ”he said.

Citizen named Yusuf Kader said, “Due to the work done, they are shooting Düvenönü and Organized Station with a transfer. I hope the construction will end as soon as possible ”he said.

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