Those train routes that go

Those long train routes: AK Party's success is not a secret. When he entered the first elections, the nation said this when looking at Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his team. "They are like us, they are like us ..." When the reason for existence was to turn the established order in favor of the people, the AK Party, which came to power with the high vote it received in the first elections, gave correct answers to the expectations of the nation with its actions, and the ditches in which most of the political parties in our political life fell and drowned easily. passed. We talked about bureaucratic success and some things that embrace life, above politics, with Süleyman Karaman, the general manager of TCDD, who has achieved serious success now as he is entering his fourth term.

Everyone is made for a job. Difficulties turn into opportunities when you say "enough is enough". The success story of Süleyman Karaman in the railways was fed by the transportation difficulties between his village and Kemah district. The turning point of his life is when he started secondary school in Kemah district, and when he had difficulties in transportation between his village Alaçayır and Kemah, he looked at Kemah Trains and said: "When I grow up and become a man, I will pass this train route through my village ..." he could guess.

Suleyman Karaman shared a memory of the recent past that you will be interested in by emphasizing that bureaucratic success is nourished by strong politics, bureaucrats who feel a sense of trust are running, sometimes great successes are hidden in small details. This experience is the perfect solution for politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen complaining that their work is not working well:

“In our first years on the railways, we had serious train accidents and as a result of the research, we saw that the machinist defects took a significant share. In addition to the known measures, we brought psychologists for psychological expert support and asked them to meet with the machinists and their families. Although he was strange at first, everyone accepted it fondly after a short while. Some twenty common problems emerged from these negotiations, and in the very beginning it was the food problem for the wives of the train staff to prepare the lunchbox. In order to solve the problem, we started a new regulation by writing a letter addressed to the wives of Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım.

Subsequently, Seval Önal wrote a letter to Süleyman Karaman, the General Director of TCDD. In the Inal letter, he shared his thoughts about the free meal arrangement, and the mechanic wives spent most of their time preparing food for their spouse who went to the long way, and he thanked the minister and the general manager for their efforts in giving free food by noting that their spouses could not eat healthy.

Thus, in the railroads, there was a reduction of over fifty percent in the train accidents caused by the mechanic defect.
The life journey of Süleyman Karaman, who was a candidate candidate for Erzincan from the AK Party, leaving his position as TCDD General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors since December 2002, to enter politics is now on a different path. but sohbet As he grew longer, we felt that his heart was walking on "those long train routes", where he added serious effort and value for years. It is not a dream for someone who dreamed of laying a railroad in his village half a century ago and laid rails in tunnels under the sea, meeting the rails again.

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